Tuition and Fees


Tuition may be paid in full by August 1st of the school year and receive a 5% discount.  Alternately, tuition may be paid in 10 monthly installments with no additional finance charge.













For your convenience, your tuition may be paid through the Brightwheel system.  Please note that if paying by Credit Card, a 2.6% processing fee will be collected by Brightwheel.  If you pay through direct debit from your bank account, the $.60 charge per payment will be absorbed by Holy Cross Preschool.  Payment via Brightwheel is preferred, however, you may also elect to make your payment directly to the preschool by cash, check, or money order.  

A deposit equal to 1/10th of your child's tuition is collected in the February prior to the school year your child will attend and guarantees your child's placement provided your child is ready to attend and all paperwork is submitted on time.  If you apply for placement after February and prior to the start of the school year, this deposit along with any outstanding tuition will be collected at the time your enrollment is accepted along with the $200.00 application fee.

If you elect to pay the balance of your tuition in full in on the first of August, a 5% discount will be calculated on the entire tuition amount and this deposit will be deducted.  You will be charged the remaining tuition on August 1st.

If you elect to pay the balance of your tuition in monthly installments, your remaining 9 payments will be due on the first of August through April of the school year. 

Additionally, if your child adds-in after the school year has begun, your tuition will be pro-rated and 90-days of tuition will be due on your child's first day of attendance along with the $200.00 application fee.  The remaining tuition will be spread out monthly with your final payment due in April of the school year.

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Additional Fee and Tuition Information

  • Non-Refundable One-Time Application Fee due at time of initial application: $200.00

  • Annual Re-Registration Fee for returning students due before February 1st: $100.00

  • Deposit due in February preceding the school year, or at time registration is confirmed if later: One month’s tuition

    • Full refund will be granted if notice of withdrawal is received by July 1st

    • 50% refund will be granted if notice of withdrawal is received by August 1st

    • Non-refundable if notice of withdrawal is received after August 1st

Pay Tuition Online

Please process your tuition payment through your child's Brightwheel account.