Mission Statement

Utilizing a play-based approach, Holy Cross Preschool offers a program designed to foster academic foundations, responsibility, independence, and emotional intelligence.


At Holy Cross Preschool, we believe that a developmental, play-based and faith-based preschool with a skilled and supported teaching staff is the optimal preschool environment in which children grow socially, emotionally, physically, and cognitively. We also believe that a supportive partnership between the child, their family, and our school community is of utmost importance. With these foundational components at our core, Holy Cross Preschool will embrace and honor each child and their family as we support and encourage the growth and development of the whole child placing particular emphasis on cultivating emotional intelligence and personal responsibility.



Our curriculum is developmentally appropriate and emotionally responsive. Children are encouraged to think, ask questions, experiment, solve problems, and work cooperatively.

  • Academic skills presented in a rich, play-based, and emotionally responsive environment

  • Classrooms and schedules designed to encourage your child’s blossoming independence and social skills

  • An organized yet flexible daily schedule to allow opportunity for in-depth student exploration

  • Activities designed to encourage personal creativity while providing ample opportunity for defied skill acquisition

  • Large and small group times intended to strengthen and lengthen your child’s attention span while providing abundant opportunities to practice cooperative group participation

  • A faith-filled environment in which children can experience the presence of God in their daily lives