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Holy Cross Preschool students playing outside

Our Mission

Holy Cross Preschool honors the growth and development of the whole child, placing particular emphasis on cultivating emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and personal responsibility.  In a supportive partnership with each student's family, Holy Cross Preschool aims to ignite the beginning of lifelong learning. 


Utilizing a play-based philosophy to foster academic foundations, social-emotional growth & collaborative learning.  


Our curriculum is developmentally appropriate and emotionally responsive. Children are encouraged to think, ask questions, experiment, solve problems, and work cooperatively.

Holy Cross Preschool students sorting and playing with beads
  • Exploration and problem-solving in an inclusive, play-based environment.

  • Qualified early childhood educators in a small campus setting

  • Developmentally appropriate and emotionally responsive curriculum

  • Curriculum aligned with the California Preschool Learning Foundations

  • Activities that encourage creativity and develop independence

  • A defined yet flexible daily schedule designed to build trust and confidence

  • Proven Kindergarten preparation

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